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Remember attending an Annual Function in School or College, the Sports Days or the Awards Nights?? Why forget these prized moments just because now you are a part of the Corporate World? Kamakaazee Entertainment helps you never forget those prized moments by planning your Corporate Annual Functions, Rewards and Recognitions Nights, Annual Sports Meets, or any other Corporate Event. After all, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but fear not coz' Kamakaazee Group will never let anything be dull but instead ensure that you would want to spend every day at office. Now which Corporate ever would not want that??


An avant-garde launch guarantees success. No matter the kind or type of product you choose to launch, Kamakaazee Group has done it all. Specially created and designed launches that reach out to the right kind of audience with the perfect amount of media attention to not only enhance but also assure the perfect take-off for your Product. Let the maiden journey start with the gongs of success stories of your Brand with Kamakaazee Group!!!

Live Events

 Screams and Shouts!!! That is how an event should be and that is how we make it happen. Be it the crooning of a Band for a Concert or International Acrobatic Artists, be it Cultural Dances or Death-defying Stunts, or International Bands, Kamakaazee Group handles any and all Live Events. After all a Concert is only complete when the barricades are broken and all you can hear are echoes of cheers, we make sure your event is nothing less than that. And ofcourse we do come prepared with ear plugs for you!!!

Talent Management

Fascinated by the glitz, glamour and the glitterati?? Dream of having a celebrity as a face for your event or brand?? Then Kamakaazee Group is where you will find all the Artists under one roof. International Acrobats or Folk Dancers, Classical Artists or International Performers, we provide all. Specialized national and international artists with customized and out of the ordinary performances, our in-house roster brings to you the best of entertainment artists from across the world. Whether you need a brand ambassador or presence for an event, a celebrity judge or performance at any function, Kamakaazee Group helps you get the kind of entertainer that suits your event. You name the Star and we make them shine for you!!!

Booth Design & Fabrication

Simple or creatively ingenuous, whatever the design for your exhibition booth we create it just the way you want. From jewellery to heavy machinery, textiles to chemicals, agriculture or automotive, no matter the exhibition we design and create for all. Whether your requirement starts from just simple wallpaper walls to intricate carvings, island stall or a closed 3-wall stall, we present to you your design in a perfect 3D layout to see how exactly your stall would look like once fabricated. We create a design and fabricate your booth just the way you imagined at the Design Studio!!!

Logistics & Management:

Participating in an exhibition or organizing one yourself can be quite a challenge. The Design Studio helps you figure out any and every need that arises for an exhibition participant or organizer. How we help:

  • Registrations
  • Venue Management
  • Set-Up
  • Travel & Stay
  • Man-Power
  • Space Selling
  • Client Servicing

International Reach

Our creativity and services are not subjected to just within the country but our reach is far wide and across the globe. Participating in international exhibitions is great but don't forget the list of to-do's for an international exhibition is quite gigantic, and taking care of such a gigantic list can be very tedious. But fear not as The Design Studio has its presence in many countries, a few being Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, South Africa, Indonesia, Etc. Anywhere across the world you choose to participate in an exhibition we can get it designed and done for you. Any kind of exhibition anywhere in the world The Design Studio caters to any kind of requirement. So give us your International Exhibition to-do list and we will make sure that you have nothing to stress about, as The Design Studio looks after it all!!!

About Kamakaazee

  • With humble beginnings in 2005, Kamakaazee started as a company specializing in Fashion Shows, but soon branched out into corporate events, BTL activations, Exhibitions, etc.
  • In a short span of time, Kamakaazee today is one of the leading company's providing end to end solutions to all client needs & requirements.
  • From Corporate Events to Exotic Weddings, from Advertising & Public Relations to Exhibitions, from BTL Activations to Fashion Shows, we do it all.
  • Aditya Zaveri
  • Fatema Slatewala
    Business Development Manager
  • Vinod Yadav
    Creative Designer
  • Hitiksha Naik
    Consultant – MICE & Weddings
  • Reena Oberoi
    Marketing & Client Servicing
  • Neil Zaveri
    International Marketing & Logistics
  • Vishal Ghumbre


Kamakaazee Group understands that Creativity Cannot be Caged!!!
We appreciate and acknowledge Talent and are always eagerly seeking talented professionals who can bring something new and unique to the fore and yet freelance. If you are a talented professional then we are keen to work with you, so get in touch with us and join Kamakaazee Group. Email:

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  • Kamakaazee Group
    C-107, Gambhir Industrial Estate,
    Behind Pravasi Industrial Estate,
    Off Aarey road, Goregaon East,
    Mumbai – 400 063.
    Tel.: +91-22-6517-9010
    Mob. No: +91-8080055517 
    Fax: +91-22-6151-5999


Comprehensive Photo Shoots

"Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai!" What pleases the eye is often sort after when it comes to consumers. Therefore Shoots call in for a lot of attention to detail on identifying the right resources, capabilities and deliverables. Creativity is generously used while planning for a Comprehensive Photo Shoot keeping in mind the nature of product and the target Consumers. Our past and current clients and industry peers have consistently appreciated the quality of work, rightly-fit resources and efficient timelines provided by Vogue Centro, which is a Kamakaazee Group Initiative. As it is rightly said, with the Right Look One can Conquer the World…

Consumer Fashion & Buyers Show:

Transcend the ordinary fashion show and captivate your audience with our fashion theatre. From show choreography and model casting, to complete show design and management. We can direct or be directed according to your brief. Vogue Centro's Creativity and flexibility ensure we match our service to your budget and requirements.

Model Management

For whoever said Modeling was not a job, has never stepped onto the ramp of glitz and glamour, adorned with make-up and style, under the spotlight of elegance and flair. If class and élan fit your bill for the face of your brand or product then Vogue Centro, brings you the best of Models best suited for your brand or product. Our models are well experienced to not only walk the ramp but also are at ease for live events and shoots. Experience, poise, dedication and passion all well instilled, our Models are a league on their own.

Destination Wedding Planning:

"Matches are made in Heaven", is what everyone says. Wedding vows we take once in a lifetime with that special someone. And such once in a lifetime moments are meant to be cherished and lived to the fullest, to be celebrated with family, friends and well-wishers. Dreaming of pristine mountains or sun-kissed beaches or lush gardens for that special day?? If your dream is to tie the knot in scenic landscapes and exotic locations, then we at Wedxotica bring the perfect destination to you for your Big Day. We know just how important your dream of forever in paradise is and we make it nothing less than perfect leaving no holes in your pockets but just bright and happy glowing faces. Romantic & sensual, fun & elegant, sophisticated but never dull…a sun-kissed white sand beach, beautiful tropical gardens, moonlit dinners, brilliant blue skies & crystalline waters – it all adds up to a stress free special day in paradise & memories that will last a lifetime, not only for you but also your guests. We assure the start of your forever in a perfect paradise of your dreams, just the way you always imagined it to be, your dream Destination Wedding!!!

Wedxotica provides a truly unique service never seen before in our country. We have a "one-stop shopping" approach that has one goal in mind – to make the planning and coordination of your Destination Wedding as simple and stress-free as possible. We assure you of eliminating any doubt or stress you may have when planning your destination wedding. Your only contact will be your personalized wedxotica consultant based right here in India!

Wedding Services

Wedxotica brings to you the most exotic and exclusive destinations from across the world for you. Pick a destination from the 30 beautiful countries to tie the knot with exquisite locations. From the eccentric east to the wonderous west, from the sun-kissed south to the nostalgic north, you could choose a venue as you please for your Wedding across the world. So dream away and choose from the many overseas Wedding Destinations, from our oh-not-so-small list.
And then once you are done selecting your destination, pick up the phone and give us a call to make your dream Destination Wedding come true!

  • Location/ Venue Scouting – Finding the perfect venue and location according to your choice and budget
  • Invitation Cards – Designing and creating the perfect invitation for your invitees
  • Health & Beauty Services - Cosmetic Treatment, Beauty & Hair Salons, Make-Up Artists, Personal Fitness, Mehendi Artists
  • Trousseau Shopping & Designing – creating the perfect ensembles to take along to the new house for the bride
  • Jewellery Designing – Customized Jewellery designing and making
  • Bridal & Groom Wear Designing – Specially designed Wedding Ensembles for the Bride & Groom
  • Photography – Ace Wedding photographers to capture the best moments
  • Video Story Board – Special Video Movies made for the Wedding
  • Guest Accommodations – Best in league hotels for the guests
  • Guest Travel Arrangements – Pick-up & Drop services for guests
    Wedding Functions:
  • Theme based Wedding Functions - Customized Theme Wedding and Functions
  • Décor – Best Decorations for the Wedding Venue
  • Catering – Best in-line caterers to please the appetite of your guests
  • Luxury Bride & Groom Entry Rides – Customized entry and rides for the Couple
  • Entertainment & Performances – Celebrity Roster, Dazzling Performance Acts, Wedding Bands with Singers, DJ's, Emcee, Dance Troupes
  • Concierge – 24-hour Attendant services
    Post Wedding:
  • Thank you Gifts & Give-Aways – Customized Thank you Gifts for your Guests
  • Honeymoon Packages – Exquisite Honeymoon Packages specially planned as per your choice
  • Legal Documentation – Name Change on Legal documents, Official Magistrate, Marriage Certificate, Visas and any other legal Documentation required
  • Wedding Insurance – Insurance for the wedding expenses in case of any calamities


Travel, accommodation, collaterals, staff, etc. need a lot of attention when the group is large, as large as a few hundreds' sometimes. But with Kamakaazee Group you need not get hassled as we are well-equipped to handle all your worries as far as any kind of Logistics are concerned, be it a group of 10 or 10000. All and every kind of management of the flow of resources to your desired destination shall be looked after by our efficient personals. Be it within India or anywhere across the big wide world, our services can help you sort out any requirement that may arise for any kind of MICE event you choose anywhere across the globe. So leave behind the stress and make the most of MICE!!!


'All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy", a proverb cited centuries ago keeping in mind that if there is no recreation the productivity of employees will suffer. Therefore the right kind of recreation for your employees and guests is very important and crucial for business in today's world. Team-building Activities or Cocktail Evenings, International Entertainment or Desi Masala, Sporting Events or Cultural Fests, Study/ Business Visits or Companion Programs, we at Kamakaazee Group can look after any kind of event or function you wish to plan.


M -  Meetings
 I   -  Incentives
C   - Conventions / Conferences
E   -  Exhibitions / Events

MICE is a type of tourism in which large Corporate Groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose.
Most components of MICE are well understood, perhaps with the exception of incentives. Incentive tourism is usually undertaken as a type of employee reward or for dealers/distributors by a company or institution for targets met or exceeded, or a job well done.
Unlike the other types of MICE tourism, incentive tourism is usually conducted purely for entertainment, rather than professional or education purposes.

Leather Apparels & Accessories

Remember that exclusive desktop accessory you see every day in your boss's office or that sleek planner you saw in our client's hand the other day?? Sure you remember them pretty well. A perfect token of appreciation or for a job well-done or just to celebrate the festivities galore, Leather Accessories and Apparels speak volumes of luminous class and elegance. A Gift for your employees, employers, clients, associates or just about anyone else, Leather is Style in itself!!! Be it Desktop Sets, Bags, Wallets, Planners, etc. we make and create all. Select from our existing designs or create your own design, Kamakaazee Group aces in Gifting options. Now no need to just drool over the leather accessories, you can own them and gift them too!!!

Customized Gifts & Souvenirs

A special event has a special memory, and every special memory can be re-kindled by a representation that reminds you of that special event. And if that special something is a beautiful token of love and appreciation, the memories become further sweet. There can be no other way to make the memories sweeter by gifting something unique to your people just like you. Whether you decide to gift your loved ones or clients, whether it is a business associated gift or a wedding thank you gift, an award or a hamper, Kamakaazee Group's exclusive ideas for gifting cater to all your gifting desires and needs. A gift, a souvenir, a memento, a memory for some exclusive people. A customized creation exclusively designed and made to represent you, a special gift for your loved ones from a special someone like yourself!

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